Tour to Bhutan

Bhutan... the land of the thunder dragon where the philosophy of development is the 'Gross National Happiness' which is more important than "Gross National Product". Bhutan's landscape is simply ethereal, with gold-roofed monasteries, striking ancient wooden chalets, snow-capped mountains, deep, rustling forests and hillsides covered  in colorful flowers makes it extraordinarily beautiful.

Their festivals will have you riveted with attention with their dynamic drumming, colorful costumes and exotic masks. The people are warm and welcoming and we will take you to visit a Bhutanese home where you will experience their special hospitality in this hidden Himalayan world that few outsiders have seen.

Custom Program to Bhutan - Festivals!

March - April 2019 (11 nights / 12 days)

tour to bhutanFestivals-Festivals-Festivals!

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Cultural & Rhododendron Festival Tour

8N/9D Minimum 2 persons

tour to bhutanThe three-day Rhododendron festival is held at the Royal Botanical Park in Lamperi, Dochula about 35kms from Thimphu. This festival showcases about 29 types of Rhododendrons of the total of 46 species grown in Bhutan. The festival will also focus on ecology, culture, food and entertainment. There will be local traditional songs and dances as well as other cultural and educational programs & activities performed by the school children with emphasis on the conservation of the environment. It is one of the few festivals that showcases nature as well as culture.

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Cultural & Festive Tour to Bhutan

11 nights / 12 days

tour to bhutanFeaturing 3 Exotic Festivals... Haa, Thimphu & Thangbi Mani

Take a cultural journey through Bhutan and enjoy the many festivals. Visit Rinpung Dzong fortress or go sightseeing in Thimphu in this tour to Bhutan.

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