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Undiscovered Laos Tour

14 Days (13 Nights)

laos tourLooking for a place where no tourists go? Well join us to visit the Bolaven Plateau which is located in an ancient volcano that erupted millions of years ago, the area spans 50 km of Southern Laos' most vegetated area. Surrounding the plateau there are a number of protected national parks, dramatic waterfalls, remote hill tribes, dense jungle and a taste of some of the world's best coffee beans and tea that is organically grown.

Paksong is the heart of the plateau, the small but charming town branches off into the vast areas of Saravan or Attapeu, known for its rich coffee, relaxing climate and friendly citizens, it is a populated area full of tranquility and no tour groups! Your exploration of unusual Laos will include visits to Pakse, Tad Lo, Champasak, Don Daeng, Don Khong Pakse, Savannakhet, Tha Khaek and later return to Vientiane to fly home.

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Land Tour Itinerary

Arrival in Bangkok - Transfer from Suvarnabhumi airport to Novotel Suvarnabhumi airport hotel (hotel shuttle bus) (No local guide)

Overnight in Bangkok

Private car transfer from Novotel Suvarnabhumi airport hotel to Don Muang Airport for your Flight from Bangkok to Ubon Ratchathani. Nok Air flight DD9314 - 11:10am - 12:15pm

On arrival at Ubon you will be met and assisted and travel by vehicle from Ubon Ratchathani to Chong Mek (border Thailand / Laos).

Arrival in Vang Tao (Laos/Thai border) - By vehicle from Vang Tao (Thai/Laos border) to Pakse.

Overnight in Pakse – Residence Sisouk

Day 3        Pakse (Breakfast)
Sightseeing in Pakse with an excursion by elephant from Ban Khiat Ngong to Phou Asa
laos tourFounded by the French in 1905 as an administrative post, the capital of Champasak Province is a relatively new town at the confluence of the Mekong and Se Don rivers. Spend the day exploring the highlights of the town, including the LOCAL MARKET, WAT CHOMPHET THEPPANIMIT, WAT PHOU SALAO, WAT LUANG, WAT THAM FAAI (Wat Phabat) and the CHAMPASAK HISTORICAL HERITAGE MUSEUM (closed to visitors during weekends and public holidays).

Afterwards, travel to the village of BAN KHIAT NGONG, and enjoy an ELEPHANT RIDE past wetlands and villages, slowly ascending to the top of PHOU ASA mountain. Explore the hilltop towers and enjoy the beautiful views over the surrounding countryside before returning to the village.  The entire ride is approximately 1.5-2 hours.

 Overnight in Pakse - Residence Sisouk

Day 4         Pakse -   Paksong (Breakfast)

Excursion to the Bolaven Plateau, Tad Fane, Tad Yuang and Tad E-Tu waterfalls
laos tourFrom Pakse, head east across the BOLAVEN PLATEAU, a fertile coffee and tea growing area. This area is rich in ethnic groups, predominantly Laven. Enroute the road between Pakse and Paksong on the western edge of the plateau, visit TAD FANE WATERFALL, the highest in Champasak Province, and the nearby TAD YUANG WATERFALL and TAD E-TU WATERFALL. Afterwards return to Pakse.

By vehicle from Pakse to Paksong.

Overnight in Paksong – The Sinouk Coffee Resort

Day 5           Paksong -  Tad Lo (Breakfast)
By vehicle from Paksong to Tad Lo with a visit to minority villages at Thateng.

Overnight in Tad Lo – Tadlo Lodge

Day 6           Tad Lo -  Champasak -  Don Daeng (Breakfast)
Visit Tad Pha Suam Waterfall and Ethnic Museum
laos tourTAD PHA SUAM WATERFALL: Is a vast ground of rapids and a long cliff that sends water down in a several stream. This cliff has many indented parts that look similar to the halls, so it called Tad Pha Suam Waterfall which means a hall waterfall of bride and groom. Visit Ethnic Museum.

By vehicle from Tad Lo to Don Daeng - Transfer by boat by La Folie Lodge - from Tha Bug Noi (Ban Maung) to La Folie Lodge (arrival)  - Transfer by Tuk Tuk from Tha Paisanee (Post office) to Vat Phou Champasak  - Visit Vat Phou Champasak

laos tourVAT PHOU MUSEUM and VAT PHOU CHAMPASAK- means Mountain Temple, one of the best preserved examples of major Khmer architecture, some 200 years older than Angkor Wat itself. The core monument of this site consists of a main temple on the upper terrace, six shrines on the middle terrace, two palaces and Nandin Hall on the lower terrace. Surrounding the Vat Phou Champasak temple complex are the ruins of associated temple monuments.

Transfer by Tuk Tuk from Vat Phou Champasak to Tha Paisanee (Post office)

Overnight in Don Daeng – La Folie Lodge

Excursion by bicycle around Don Daeng
Don Daeng is located across the Mekong River from Champassak District. This peaceful island is located inside the Champassak Cultural and Natural Heritage Landscape, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Travel by bicycle along the path around the island.  Enjoy atmosphere of rice paddy fields, traditional Buddhist temples, an ancient forest stupa, and a protected forest.  Clients will be able to visit some villages and watch its local life of local making products along the way.

Overnight in Don Daeng -  La Folie Lodge

Day 8          Don Daeng -  Champasak -  Don Khong (Breakfast)
Transfer by boat by La Folie Lodge - from La Folie Lodge to Tha Bug Noi (Ban Maung) (departure)  - By vehicle from Champasak to Don Khong.

From Champasak, journey south along the east bank of the Mekong through the villages of Ban Nongsim, Ban Hangdon and Kheo.  By ferry crossing from Tha Ban Hat to Tha Ban Na and continue by vehicle to Don Khong.

Sightseeing in Don Khong
laos tourExplore DON KHONG, or Khong Island, a scenic island set in the middle of the Mekong River, with small villages and rice paddies. Visit the largest village, MUANG KHONG, and visit the local temples, WAT PHOU KHAO KEO, WAT HUA KHONG PHA YAI, WAT KANG KHONG (former Wat Phuangkeoaruothai), WAT XIENG WANG and  Ban Hin Siew (Palm Sugar Village, can be visited from November to April). Sunset at Muang Sene.

Overnight in Don Khong – Pon Arena Hotel

Day 9          Don Khong (Breakfast)
Excursion by boat to Don Khone  - From Don Khong, travel by boat to DON DET ISLAND and DON KHONE.  The islands are connected by a former railway bridge (the railway stopped operating 1945). The larger island Don Det is famous throughout Laos for the cultivation of coconut, bamboo and kapok. Visit BAN KHON VILLAGE, the main village on Don Khone with several old French villas. Continue to TAAT SOMPHAMIT (LI PHI FALLS), raging set of rapids at the western end of Don Khone.

Overnight in Don Khong - Pon Arena Hotel

Day 10           Don Khong -  Pakse (Breakfast)
By vehicle from Don Khong to Pakse with a visit to Khone Phapheng Waterfall.

From Don Khong cross the Mekong by ferry from Tha Ban Na to Tha Ban Hat. By vehicle to KHONE PHAPHENG, the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia and one of the most impressive sites in the area. Here, the entire Mekong with all its force cascades down curving stone outcroppings and tints the massive stones with rainbows.  Continue north by vehicle to Pakse.

Sightseeing in Pakse
Founded by the French in 1905 as an administrative post, the capital of Champasak Province is a relatively new town at the confluence of the Mekong and Se Don rivers. Spend the day exploring the highlights of the town, including the LOCAL MARKET, WAT CHOMPHET THEPPANIMIT, WAT PHOU SALAO, WAT LUANG, WAT THAM FAAI (Wat Phabat) and the CHAMPASAK HISTORICAL HERITAGE MUSEUM (closed to visitors during weekend and public holidays).

Overnight in Pakse – Residence Sisouk hotel

Day 11         Pakse -  Savannakhet (Breakfast)

By vehicle from Pakse to Savannakhet.

Sightseeing in Savannakhet
laos tourExplore the provincial capital of Savannakhet, visiting LOCAL MARKET and PHA THAT ING HANG.  This 16th century stupa is one of the most revered in the country of Laos. Each year in December, many Buddhists travel to this holy site for the annual ceremony.  This tour you will enjoy visiting several of the temples, including SAINT THERESA CATHOLIC CHURCH, Vietnamese Temple, WAT LATTANALANGSI, WAT SAINYAPHUM and WAT SAIYAMOUNGKHOUN.  Visit DINOSAURS MUSEUM which exhibits dinosaur fossils or "big lizard bones" as called in Lao.

Overnight at Daosavanh Resort & Spa

Day 12        Savannakhet (Breakfast)

Excursion to Champhone One-Day Circuit (Soui Lake, Monkey Forest, Hor Tripidok and Turtle Lake).

laos tourVisit the vast rice paddies and farmers along the Champoe Rivers. Visit TALEO OLD TEMPLE. Continue to SOUI LAKE is a large irrigation lake used in the dry season for cultivation of rice, vegetables and other food plants. There are many large and small islands in the lake and visitors can try the fish and other local Lao food. Continue to Ban Dong Muong village where visitors have easy access to the MONKEY FOREST.

laos tourVisit HOTAY PIDOK LIBRARY, an impressive old structure composed of palm leaf books and ancient Lao alphabets. Continue to TURTLE LAKE, many different sizes and ages of turtles living in the lake can be founded. The best time to visit is during the dry season (Oct-Apr).  

Overnight in Savannakhet  Daosavanh Resort & Spa

By vehicle from Savannakhet to Tha Khaek.

Sightseeing in Tha Khaek
Visit the highlights of this provincial capital and border town.  Explore a LOCAL MARKET where all types of goods are sold.  Journey to THAM NONG PA FA CAVE (former Tham Pha Cave (Upper Cave) and Tham Pa Fa Cave (Lower Cave)).  Discovered only in 2004 by a farmer in search of bats, this limestone cavern us filled with hundreds of bronze Buddha images, and is now the major attraction in Khammouane Province. Continue to THAM NANG ENE CAVE, or "Swallow Cave".

laos tourContinue outside town to WAT PHA THAT SIKHOTTABONG, located on the banks of Mekong riverbank. This temple complex contains a particularly significant stupa which is widely venerated. Take a short walk along the Mekong River and stroll around Tha Khaek.

Overnight in Tha Khaek – Riveria Hotel

Day 14        Tha Khaek  (Breakfast)
By vehicle from Tha Khaek to Vientiane. Journey southwards from Tha Khaek to Vientiane.

Visit the ruins of KHAMPHEANG YAK (The Great Wall). According to legend, this giant wall was constructed in the 8th century by the Sikhottabong Kingdom, possibly incorporating a natural sandstone formation. Visit WAT PHABAT: 70 km east of Vientiane and is best known for its large Phabat (Buddha footprint) shrine and monastery.  It is an important pilgrimage place for lowland Lao from Bolikhamsai and Vientiane. WAT PHONSAN: located on the Mekong Riverside and 2 km away from Wat Phabat. Both Wats are not located in the same area, but only had a link from their legend. This is the reason why people called these 2 Wats in one name as Wat Phabatphonsan.

Transfer  - Flight from Vientiane to connect with your flight home, via Bangkok or Singapore.

* Itinerary may be revised in the event of such changes or any circumstance beyond our control.

Quotation Per Itinerary 

Tour Duration: 14 Days / 13 Nights
Valid for travel: Year Round / On Demand
Cost of Tour: Call for Rates 714-964-6896 / 800-423-9566

  • Accommodation at listed hotels or similar
  • Meals as mentioned in the itinerary (B - Breakfast, L - Lunch, D -Dinner)
  • Tours and transfers by private air-conditioned vehicles
  • Boat ride per itinerary
  • English speaking local guide / representative / trekking guide versed in tribal languages
  • All entrance fees as indicated in itinerary
  • Round trip train fare
  • International and domestic flights (quoted separately)
  • Extra Meals/ beverages
  • Personal expenses (drinks, laundry, telephone, tips, room service etc)
  • Travel insurance
  • Any items not specifically mentioned

Booking Details 

  • Signed copy of reservation & bookings form (below)
  • Deposit of $500 per person to hold space on the tour
  • Trip Protection Insurance is recommended (or waiver required)
  • Clear copy of your passport (photo page)

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