Bali & Maldives Tour Packages

Eat, Pray, Love & Travel in Bali Tour Package

bali tour packageAlthough Bali is a small island it is filled with beauty and culture. Bali lies directly north of Australia, the middle pearl in the necklace of islands stretching from Malaysia to New Guinea which comprise the nation of Indonesia. Bali has fascinated and influenced visitors from the outside world for centuries. Combining elements of Hinduism and Buddhism with earlier animist beliefs, Balinese religion pervades all aspects of everyday life.

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Maldive Tour Package

maldive tour packagePerhaps the ultimate in long haul luxury, the Maldives is currently enjoying incredible growth again having bounced back from a series of disasters in the past few years including the coral bleaching wrought by el Niño and the horror of the 2004 tsunami. Indeed, so superior are its beaches, so cobalt blue its waters and so warm its welcome that the country has become a byword for paradise whether it be for honeymooners, sun worshippers or divers.

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